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Fast Running Computers

PC SpeedCAT is a utility and tools software created by SpeedCAT, LLC. This repair tool can boost up the performance of any computers. It provides system scanning, as well as optimal settings for computers. Users can have a faster computing experience with the provided optimization tools and features.

From Old To New Computing Performance

PC SpeedCAT ensures to improve the performance of computers that could be running very slow. Users can finally focus on their work without any hiccups from their computers. Online browsing, managing applications, and moving files consume a lot of system resources. Applications and software also demand a lot of system resources that could contribute to the annoying slowdowns or lags. This software allows management of the computers’ resources. It can also repair internal issues that could have affecting the whole system. Some applications and software would force themselves to open during Start-Up, as well as Run On Deck. Users can optimize and manage every application and software running on their computers in one platform. This frees up the RAM that is being consumed all the time. Every edited file and system setting is given a backup copy. It enables a restoration point to help users regain any unintentionally altered files. The software comes with scheduled maintenance. Users can assign time and date to start automated maintenance. It will run while sending notifications. Some applications or software may need changes in settings. There is an option for personalization settings to fit with the computers’ settings or users’ preference. The software can also optimize Internet connection. Users can upgrade their Lite account for more optimized system performance. Some of the features from the upgraded version are as follows: COM and ActiveX, Full registry scrub, Help Files, Optimize Application Paths, Shared DLLS, Speed Optimization and Uninstall Entries.

Nimble Like A Cat

PC SpeedCAT can turn slow computers into faster machines by repairing them up. The software brings back the speed and peak performance of computers in their finest settings. It also reduces the consumption of RAM space being consumed by every application and software.

PC SpeedCAT is a software tool that automatically optimizes speed settings and repairs common PC issues.

Your PC may be capable of a lot more than it's letting on. File associations, 3rd party programs, indexing, graphic enhancements, and so many more things all demand resources from your PC and slow it down. PC SpeedCAT works to manage your PC's resources, fix any internal issues it finds along the way, and give it back the speed and control it was born with.

Every program thinks it's the most important program of them all. That's why most 3rd party software comes with default settings like "Open at Start Up" and "Run on Deck" forcing your PC to run and manage many of these programs all at once from the moment it wakes up. PC SpeedCAT gives you one location to optimize and manage all of these "gimme gimme" program settings.

Browsing the internet, installing/uninstalling apps, moving files, using applications, and just about every function that you do on your PC gives it more tasks without necessarily taking any away. These tasks can overload your RAM and can leave your PC bogged down with overly complicated file associations and application settings, slowing your computer down and compromising the stability of your system. PC SpeedCAT™ automatically scans your PC for these issues and and optimizes your PC to peak performance.

PC SpeedCAT is a software tool that automatically optimizes speed settings and repairs common PC issues. The free version of this software repairs file associations and font entries, and allows you to optimize Internet speed. Upgrading to the paid premium version allows you to fix all detected PC issues and optimize speed settings, and comes with a 60-day guarantee.

PC SpeedCAT automatically backs up any area it edits before making even the smallest changes, allowing you to retrieve all of your previous files, file associations, and start-up settings. Never worry about scanning or managing your PC again. Easily set PC SpeedCAT to automatically run however often you'd like, notify you when other applications try to make changes to your settings, and make other personalizations that will allow PC SpeedCAT to meet your personal needs.


  • Stop applications or software from opening at Start-Up
  • Reduce RAM consumption
  • Faster processing power


  • More features available upon purchase
  • Some apps or software can be manually disabled during Start-Up
  • Computer speedup may vary on models

PC SpeedCAT for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 1.2.4
  • 1.7
  • (129)
  • Security Status

User reviews about PC SpeedCAT

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Simple But Effective.
    With just a couple of clicks you can have it run a scan to identify how many problems you have. Then it fixes some of them More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Best Browsing Experience. .
    Pc running so fast and makes my browsing experience really great.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Well made and actually works.
    I've tried programs that were supposed to speed up my computer in the past, and usually I couldn't even tell if th More


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